Bristol 'Particular' Customs Account, 1545/6

S Flavin, ET Jones

Research output: Other contribution

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Transcription and translation, on an EXCEL spreadsheet, of the Exchequer ‘particular’ Collector's account for Bristol for 1545/6, TNA E122/21/15.
Translated title of the contributionBristol 'Particular' Customs Account, 1545/6
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationROSE, University of Bristol
Publication statusUnpublished - 3 Apr 2009

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Event title: ROSE, University of Bristol
Rose publication type: Dataset

Additional information: This is one of thirteen transcribed customs accounts for sixteenth-century Bristol, covering eleven complete accounting years (29 Sept - 28 Sept). The accounts cover the years: 1503/4, 1516/17, 1525/6, 1541/2, 1542/3, 1545/6, 1550/1, 1563/4, 1575/6, 1594/5, 1600/1. All of the accounts have been published on ROSE as EXCEL workbooks. See also the related glossaries and working papers on ROSE, which include a paper on 'The Use of the Bristol 'Particular' Accounts and Port Books as a Record of Trade.' A free-text version of the above customs accounts, accompanied by an introduction, can be found in: Susan Flavin and Evan T. Jones, Bristol’s Trade with Ireland and the Continent: The Evidence of the Exchequer Customs Accounts (Dublin, 2009).

Sponsorship: This is an output of the ESRC-funded project ‘Ireland-Bristol trade in the sixteenth century’ (RES-000-23-1461), 2006-8.


  • Bristol
  • 'particular' account
  • overseas trade
  • sixteenth century
  • customs account
  • port book


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