Characteristics of men responding to an invitation to undergo testing for prostate cancer as part of a randomised trial

Eleanor I. Walsh*, Emma L. Turner, J. Athene Lane, Jenny L. Donovan, David E. Neal, Freddie C. Hamdy, Richard M. Martin, Chris Metcalfe, Jonathan Sterne, Sian Noble, Elizabeth Hill, Siaw Yein Ng, Naomi J Williams, Elizabeth A Down, Eleanor Walsh, Joanna Thorn, Charlotte Davies, Laura Hughes, Mari Anne Rowlands, Lindsey BellYoav Ben-Shlomo, Steven E Oliver, Peter Brindle, Simon Evans, Michael Baum, Peter Albertsen, Tracy Roberts, Mary Robinson, Jan Adolfsson, David Dearnaley, Anthony Zeitman, Fritz Schröder, Tim Peters, Peter Holding, Teresa Lennon, Sue Bonnington, Malcolm Mason, Jon D Oxley, Lars Holmberg, Robert Pickard, Simon Thompson, Usha Menon, Colette Reid, Jon McFarlane, Amit Bahl, Anthony Koupparis, Marta Tazewell, Genevieve Hatton-Brown

*Corresponding author for this work

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Socio-demographic characteristics are associated with participating in cancer screening and trials. We compared the characteristics of those responding with those not responding to a single invitation for PSA testing for prostate cancer as part of the Cluster randomised triAl of PSA testing for Prostate cancer (CAP).

Age, rurality and deprivation among 197,763 men from 271 cluster-randomised primary care centres in the UK were compared between those responding (n=90,300) and not responding (n=100,953) to a prostate cancer testing invitation.

There was little difference in age between responders and non-responders. Responders were slightly more likely to come from urban rather than rural areas and were slightly less deprived than those who did not respond.

These data indicate similarities in age and only minor differences in deprivation and urban location between responders and non-responders. These differences were smaller, but in the same direction as observed in other screening trials.
Original languageEnglish
Article number497
Number of pages6
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 13 Oct 2016

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  • BTC (Bristol Trials Centre)
  • BRTC
  • Centre for Surgical Research


  • Prostate cancer
  • Prostate specific antigen testing
  • PSA testing
  • Randomised controlled trial
  • Screening


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