Cloning and expression of a novel rat GABAA receptor

S J Lolait, A M O'Carroll, K Kusano, J-M Muller, M J Brownstein, L C Mahan

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Two full-length cDNA clones encoding alpha- and beta-subunits of a GABAA receptor have been isolated from a rat cerebral cortex cDNA library. The mature alpha-subunit protein consists of 428 amino acids with a calculated Mr of 48,680. This protein is highly homologous (approximately 99% amino acid identity) with the bovine brain alpha 1-subunit receptor [(1988) Nature 335, 76-79]. The mature rat beta-subunit receptor is a 448 amino acid polypeptide and shares approximately 80% amino acid identity with the previously characterized bovine GABAA receptor beta-subunit [(1987) Nature 328, 221-227]. Co-expression of the cloned DNA in Xenopus oocytes produces a functional receptor and ion channel with pharmacological characteristics of a GABAA receptor. GABAA alpha- and beta-subunit mRNA is detectable in the cortex, cerebellum and hippocampus.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)145-8
Number of pages4
JournalFEBS Letters
Issue number1-2
Publication statusPublished - 27 Mar 1989


  • Amino Acid Sequence
  • Animals
  • Cattle
  • Cerebellum
  • Cerebral Cortex
  • Cloning, Molecular
  • DNA
  • Gene Expression Regulation
  • Glycosylation
  • Hippocampus
  • Molecular Sequence Data
  • Molecular Weight
  • Nucleic Acid Hybridization
  • Oocytes
  • Protein Sorting Signals
  • RNA, Messenger
  • Rats
  • Receptors, GABA-A
  • Sequence Homology, Nucleic Acid
  • Transfection
  • Xenopus
  • gamma-Aminobutyric Acid


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