Rees Maurits Van, ET Crewe

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What does it do? Let's say you have a Plone Site. I tested this with Plone 3. I see no reason why it should fail on Plone 2.5. Maybe it even works on a CMF site. Anyway, whatever site you have is available on two urls: and Some day you should ask your local Apache guru how he did that. With collective.editskinswitcher installed (with the portal quick installer), visitors that go to the website with the url will see the Editor Skin. (This can be set in a property, as we shall see later.) Visitors to will see whatever skin you have set as the default skin in portal_skins. Can be pretty handy. To avoid confusion: we will call what you have set as "default skin" the Visitor Skin. And the skin meant for editors we call the Editor Skin. Developer types probably like the fact that you also get the Visitor Skin when visiting localhost and the Editor Skin when you go to
Translated title of the contributioncollective.editskinswitcher
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 4 Oct 2008

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Medium: open source
Other identifier: python egg
Other: Plone utility to configure switching to the edit skin for certain domains


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