Creating Ambient Visualisations using Extreme Prototyping

Jennifer G. Sheridan, Alan Dix, Simon Lock, Michael Twidale

Research output: Other contribution

Original languageUndefined/Unknown
Publication statusPublished - 2006

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Abstract. In this paper we report on an exciting exploratory experiment that lead to a number of ambient visualisations of passively sensed human activity. Ambient displays offer those around some sense of activity or information without explicitly focusing on the display itself. We present a number of radically different visualisations using forms of situated display or installation. Each tries to give a sense of current human activity in other places or past human presence in the same place. These visualisations were produced during a series of one-day design and build exercises based on various existing hardware and software components. This form of 'extreme ' prototyping means that we have visualisations covering a broad range of the design space and so can explore various attributes of this design space. The restricted design regime also promotes innovative and creative solutions textendash rigid constraints seem to lead to serendipitous discoveries.


  • arts installation

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