Data Ethics Club: Creating a collaborative space to discuss data ethics

Nina Di Cara*, Natalie R Zelenka*, Huw Day, Euan D S Bennet, Vanessa A Hanschke, Valerio Maggio, Ola Michalec, Charles J D Radclyffe, Roman Shkunov, Emma L. Tonkin, Zoë Turner, Kamilla Wells

*Corresponding author for this work

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Awareness and management of ethical issues in data science is becoming a crucial skill for data scientists. Discussion of contemporary issues in collaborative and interdisciplinary spaces is an engaging way to allow data science work to be influenced by those with expertise in sociological fields, and so improve the ability of data scientists to think critically about the ethics of their work. However, opportunities to do so are limited. Data Ethics Club ( is a fortnightly discussion group about data science and ethics, whose community-generated resources are hosted publicly online. These include a collaborative list of materials around topics of interest, and guides for leading an online data ethics discussion group. Our meetings and resources are designed to reduce the barrier to learning, reflection and critique on data science and ethics, with the broader aim of building ethics into the cultural fabric of quality data science work.
Original languageEnglish
Article number100537
Number of pages8
Issue number7
Early online date24 Jun 2022
Publication statusPublished - 8 Jul 2022

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The Data Ethics Club community extends well beyond those who are the authors of this article, and so our thanks go to everyone who has contributed to the project by coming to a meeting, contributing to the reading list, helping us to maintain the website, or just giving feedback. N.H.D. is supported by an MRC GW4BioMed Studentship in Data Science and AI (MR/N013794/1). We also thank the Jean Golding Institute for their support of this project. N.H.D. and N.Z. jointly created the Data Ethics Club and were jointly responsible for writing the original draft. N.Z. set up the software used for generating the website from the repository and created the images. N.H.D. N.Z. and H.D. are the current organizers of Data Ethics Club and were all responsible for data curation and project administration. All authors are contributors to the contents of the Data Ethics Club repository. All authors were responsible for reviewing and editing. For context, the authors involved in writing this piece came from a range of disciplinary and organizational backgrounds. Many of us are computer scientists, mathematicians, and data scientists working in interdisciplinary settings like medicine, psychology, and veterinary science research. Others are academic social scientists, with a research focus on a variety of areas such as storytelling, policies and procedures for technical innovation, and artificial intelligence (AI) governance. Some of us also work with data in the public and private sectors. The authors do not declare any conflicts of interest.

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