Deep learning in hospitality and tourism: a research framework agenda for future research

Aniekan E Essien, Godwin Chukwukelu

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This study aims to provide a systematic review of the existing literature on the applications of deep learning (DL) in hospitality, tourism and travel as well as an agenda for future research.

Covering a five-year time span (2017–2021), this study systematically reviews journal articles archived in four academic databases: Emerald Insight, Springer, Wiley Online Library and ScienceDirect. All 159 articles reviewed were characterised using six attributes: publisher, year of publication, country studied, type of value created, application area and future suggestions (and/or limitations).

Five application areas and six challenge areas are identified, which characterise the application of DL in hospitality, tourism and travel. In addition, it is observed that DL is mainly used to develop novel models that are creating business value by forecasting (or projecting) some parameter(s) and promoting better offerings to tourists.

Research limitations/implications
Although a few prior papers have provided a literature review of artificial intelligence in tourism and hospitality, none have drilled-down to the specific area of DL applications within the context of hospitality, tourism and travel.

To the best of the authors’ knowledge, this paper represents the first theoretical review of academic research on DL applications in hospitality, tourism and travel. An integrated framework is proposed to expose future research trajectories wherein scholars can contribute significant value. The exploration of the DL literature has significant implications for industry and practice, given that this, as far as the authors know, is the first systematic review of existing literature in this research area.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)4480-4515
Number of pages36
JournalInternational Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - 24 Jun 2022

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