Development of an electromagnetic micro-generator

CB Williams, C Shearwood, MA Harradine, PH Mellor, TS Birch, RB Yates

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A design methodology for linear micro-generators is developed, and is applied to the design of a mm scale electromagnetic micro-generator. The fabrication of a prototype device is also described using generally available microfabrication techniques, and the results of testing the device on a variable amplitude vibration source, in air and vacuum, are presented. The experimental results confirm the design rules and indicate how the generation of useful power levels might be achieved.
Translated title of the contributionDevelopment of an electromagnetic micro-generator
Original languageEnglish
Article numberIssue 6
Pages (from-to)337 - 342
Number of pages6
JournalIEE Proceedings - Circuits, Devices and Systems
Volume148 (6)
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2001

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Publisher: Institute of Electrical Engineering (IEE)

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