Development of Single- and Double-sided Ladders for the ILD Vertex Detectors

Jerome Baudot, Olena Bashinska, Nathalie Chon-Sen, Wojciech Dulinski, Franziska Hegner, Marie Gelin-Galibel, Rhorry Gauld, Mathieu Goffe, Joel Goldstein, Ingrid Gregor, Christine Hu-Guo, Ulrich Koetz, Andrei Nomerotski, Marc Winter

Research output: Contribution to conferenceOther Conference Contributionpeer-review


We discuss two projects exploring the integration of thin CMOS pixel sensors in order to prototype ladders matching the geometry needed for the ILD vertex detector. The PLUME project has designed and fabricated full-size and fully functional double- sided layers which currently reach 0.6 % X0 and aim for 0.3 % X0 in mid-2012. Another approach, SERNWIETE, consists in wrapping the sensors in a polyimide-based micro-cable to obtain a supportless single-sided ladder with a material budget around 0.15 % X0. First promising samples have been produced and the full-size prototype is expected in spring 2012.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusUnpublished - 16 Mar 2012

Bibliographical note

International Workshop on Future Linear Colliders, LCWS 2011, Granada, Spain, 2011, 26-30 September


  • physics.ins-det
  • hep-ex


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