Dynamic mechanical behavior of nickel-based superalloy metal rubber

Dayi Zhang, Fabrizio Scarpa, Yanhong Ma, Jie Hong, Yusuf Mahadik

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The work describes the manufacturing and dynamic characterization of nickel wire-based metal rubber (MR) solids. The storage modulus and the loss factor of the nickel MR samples are measured over a frequency range between 0.1 Hz and 200 Hz, and at different levels of dynamic force and strain using a Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA) technique. A sensitivity analysis about the effect of different static and dynamic testing parameters is initially carried out to identify suitable testing protocols for this metal porous material. DMA testing is then carried out over three different batches of samples (5 specimens each) with variable relative densities to identify the correlation between storage modulus and loss factors with frequency and dynamic force and strain levels. The results are discussed using a mechanical theoretical model relating the mechanical properties of MR solids to the contact states of the wire composing the microstructure. A comparison with analogous results obtained from cyclic tests at 1 Hz from a conventional tensile machine is also performed. The results from this benchmark highlight the necessity to use dynamic-based testing protocols to efficiently implement nickel-based metal rubber for vibration damping and energy absorption designs and applications.
Original languageEnglish
JournalMaterials and Design
Early online date7 Nov 2013
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 7 Nov 2013


  • Metal rubber
  • Porous material
  • Dynamic mechanical analysis
  • storage modulus
  • loss factor
  • frequency


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