Energy harvesting from vibrations with a nonlinear oscillator

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In this paper we present a nonlinear electromagnetic energy harvesting device that has a broadly resonant response. The nonlinearity is generated by a particular arrangement of magnets in conjunction with an iron-cored stator. We show the resonant response of the system to both pure-tone excitation and narrow-band random excitation. In addition to the primary resonance, the super-harmonic resonances of the harvester are also investigated and we show that the corresponding mechanical up-conversion of the excitation frequency may be useful for energy harvesting. The harvester is modeled using a Duffing-type equation and the results compared to the experimental data.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 25 Feb 2009

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Additional information: Submitted to the proceedings of ASME IDETC 2009.

Sponsorship: D.A.W.B. gratefully acknowledges the support of Great Western Research. S.G.B. and L.R.C. gratefully acknowledge the support of EPSRC grant EP/E044220/1 (Energy harvesting: vibration powered generators with non-linear compliance).


  • energy harvesting
  • nonlinear


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