European technological advances in smart antennas

MA Beach, CM Simmonds, P Howard, PB Darwood, AR Nix, P Hafezi, Y Sun, JP McGeehan, GV Tsoulos

Research output: Contribution to conferenceConference Abstract

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The European Commission, through RACE, ACTS and now the IST programmes, has funded numerous consortium based research projects addressing capacity enhancement by means of Smart or Adaptive Antenna Technology. In addition to capacity enhancement, these projects have also considered additional operational benefits, such as multipath mitigation and range extension, that this technology can offer wireless network deployments. This paper1 provides an overview of the key results obtained from the test beds and field trials conducted under the RACE and ACTS TSUNAMI projects as well as ACTS AWACS project. Further, new research activities, which embody Smart Antenna Technology, now supported under IST funding are also introduced.
Original languageEnglish
Pages383 - 389
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2000

Bibliographical note

Sponsorship: The authors wish to acknowledge the considerable support received from all the RACE & ACTS
partners engaged in both the TSUNAMI and AWACS activities. Further, we gratefully acknowledge
the financial support from the CEC as well as the encouragement and advice given by our project
officer Drs Bartolome Arroyo-Fernandez and Jorge Pereira.

Name of Conference: IST Mobile Communications Summit, 2000
Venue of Conference: Galway, Ireland

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