Evanescent-field assisted photon collection from quantum emitters under a solid immersion lens

S G Bishop, J K Cannon, H B Yağcı, R N Clark, J P Hadden, W Langbein, Anthony J Bennett

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle (Academic Journal)peer-review

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Solid-state quantum light sources are being intensively investigated for applications in quantum technology. A key challenge is to extract light from host materials with high refractive index, where efficiency is limited by refraction and total internal reflection. Here we show that an index-matched solid immersion lens can, if placed sufficiently close to the semiconductor, extract light coupled through the evanescent field at the surface. Using both numerical simulations and experiments, we investigate how changing the thickness of the spacer between the semiconductor and lens impacts the collection efficiency (CE). Using automatic selection and measurement of 100 s of individually addressable colour centres in several aluminium nitride samples we demonstrate spacer-thickness dependent photon CE enhancement, with a mean enhancement factor of 4.2 and a highest measured photon detection rate of 743±4kcps.
Original languageEnglish
Article number103027
Number of pages8
JournalNew Journal of Physics
Publication statusPublished - 21 Oct 2022


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