Event collisions in systems with delayed switches

J Sieber, PS Kowalczyk

Research output: Working paper

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We study dynamical systems that switch between two different vector fields depending on a discrete variable. If the two vector fields have linearly unstable fixed points and the switch is subject to a hysteresis and to a delay one expects the system to switch periodically back and forth between the two vector fields, always switching at certain submanifolds of the state space. This is true as long as the delay is sufficiently small. When the delay reaches a problem-dependent critical value so-called event collisions can occur. We show that at these event collisions the switching manifolds can increase their dimension, giving rise to higher-dimensional dynamics near the periodic orbit than expected. In many practical applications such as control engineering the dynamical system has additional symmetry, which adds difficulty in the analysis because event collisions can occur at several points along the periodic orbit simultaneously
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2006

Bibliographical note

Additional information: Preprint version of a paper submitted to the 6th IFAC Workshop on Time-Delay Systems, L’Aquila (Italy), 2006.


  • event collisions
  • dynamical systems
  • delayed switches


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