Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Mode Veering in a Stressed Structure

Jonathan L du Bois, Sondipon Adhikari, NAJ Lieven

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The manifestation of mode veering in structural dynamic problems has been the subject of much debate in recent years. Initially regarded as an anomolly occurring predominantly as a result of numerical discretisation errors, it is now recognised as a phenomenon occurring in a wide range of exact analytical solutions. Myriad theoretical studies have explored the characteristics of the behaviour but despite this, supporting experimental data is scarce. A numerical and experimental investigation of mode veering is undertaken here. Structural loading is used to induce striss-stiffening effects in a redundant truss. Geometric nonlinearities are included in a static FE analysis to obtain a tangent stiffness, which is then used in a linear dynamic solution. The eigenvalues and eigenvectors are compared to the experimental data in the vicinity of a mode veering, where the behaviour of the real structure is found to correspond well with the theoretical observations. Practical implications of real-world mode veering are discussed.
Translated title of the contributionExperimental and Numerical Investigation of Mode Veering in a Stressed Structure
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationInternational Modal Analysis Conference
Publication statusPublished - 2007

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Conference Organiser: Society for Experimental Mechanics


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