First Observation of the Rare Purely Baryonic Decay B0→pp.

M. Adinolfi, M. Alexander, S. Ali, A. A. Alves, J. E. Andrews, R. J. Barlow, S. Benson, T. Blake, E. Bowen, E. Buchanan, C. Burr, S. Chen, S. F. Cheung, P. E.L. Clarke, J. Cogan, V. Cogoni, P. Collins, G. Coombs, J. Dalseno, A. DavisL. De Paula, L. Douglas, H. M. Evans, T. Evans, D. Ferguson, M. Frank, J. Fu, V. Gibson, X. Han, S. T. Harnew, J. Harrison, M. Hatch, J. He, L. Henry, D. Hill, D. Johnson, J. M. Kariuki, U. Marconi, P. Naik, K. Petridis, G. J. Pomery, C. Prouve, R. Quagliani, J. H. Rademacker, V. Rives Molina, D. M. Saunders, N. Skidmore, J. J. Velthuis, C. Wallace, F. F. Wilson, LHCb Collaboration

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The first observation of the decay of a B0 meson to a purely baryonic final state, B0→pp, is reported. The proton-proton collision data sample used was collected with the LHCb experiment at center-of-mass energies of 7 and 8 TeV and corresponds to an integrated luminosity of 3.0 fb-1. The branching fraction is determined to be B(B0→pp)=(1.25±0.27±0.18)×10-8, where the first uncertainty is statistical and the second systematic. The decay mode B0→pp is the rarest decay of the B0 meson observed to date. The decay Bs0→pp is also investigated. No signal is seen and the upper limit B(Bs0→pp)<1.5×10-8 at 90% confidence level is set on the branching fraction.

Original languageEnglish
Article number232001
JournalPhysical Review Letters
Issue number23
Publication statusPublished - 4 Dec 2017

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    Adinolfi, M., Alexander, M., Ali, S., Alves, A. A., Andrews, J. E., Barlow, R. J., Benson, S., Blake, T., Bowen, E., Buchanan, E., Burr, C., Chen, S., Cheung, S. F., Clarke, P. E. L., Cogan, J., Cogoni, V., Collins, P., Coombs, G., Dalseno, J., ... LHCb Collaboration (2017). First Observation of the Rare Purely Baryonic Decay B0→pp. Physical Review Letters, 119(23), [232001].