Galaxy and Mass Assembly (GAMA): the galaxy stellar mass function to z = 0.1 from the r-band selected equatorial regions

A.H. Wright, Aaron Robotham, SP Driver, M. Alpaslan, S.K. Andrews, I.K. Baldry, J. Bland-Hawthorn, S. Brough, M.J.I. Brown, M. Colless, E. da Cunha, Luke Davies, A.W. Graham, B.W. Holwerda, A.M. Hopkins, P.R. Kafle, L.S. Kelvin, J. Loveday, S.J. Maddox, M.J. MeyerA.J. Moffett, P. Norberg, Steven Phillipps, K. Rowlands, E.N. Taylor, L. Wang, S.M. Wilkins

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