Genetic loci influencing kidney function and chronic kidney disease

JC Chambers, W Zhang, GM Lord, P van der Harst, al Sehmi JS et, D Lawlor, JS Sehmi, [No Value] Gale D P, [No Value] Wass M N, [No Value] Ahmadi K R, [No Value] Bakker S J L, [No Value] Beckmann J, [No Value] Bilo H J G, Bochud # # Murielle, [No Value] Bochud M, [No Value] Brown M J, [No Value] Caulfield M J, M Connell J, [No Value] Cook H T, [No Value] Cotlarciuc I[No Value] de Silva R, G Deng, O Devuyst, [No Value] Dikkeschei L D, [No Value] Dimkovic N, [No Value] Dockrell M

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle (Academic Journal)peer-review

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