Genome-wide analyses using UK biobank data povide new therapeutic targets for osteoarthritis

Konstantinos Hatzikotoulas, Ioanna Tachmazidou, Lorraine Southam, Jorge Esparza-Gordillo, Valeriia Haberland, Jie Zheng, Toby Johnson, Mine Koprulu, Eleni Zengini, Julia Steinberg, Jeremy Wilkinson, Sahir Bhatnagar, Joshua D Hoffman, Natalie Buchan, Daniel Suveges, Laura M Yerges-Armstrong, George Davey Smith, Tom Gaunt, Robert Scott, Linda C McCarthyEleftheria Zeggini

Research output: Contribution to conferenceConference Abstractpeer-review


Purpose: Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most prevalent musculoskeletal disease and a leading cause of disability worldwide with huge public health burden. The pathogenesis of OA is complex with multiple environmental and genetic factors implicated in the disease aetiology and progression. The heritability of OA is∼ 50% and previous genetic studies have identified 34 loci in total. Here, we conduct the largest genome-wide association study for OA to date to better understand the genetic architecture of the disease and support the development of disease-modifying therapies.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2019


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