Geodesic parametrization of global invariant manifolds, or what does the Equadiff 2003 poster show?

B Krauskopf, HM Osinga

Research output: Working paper

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We demonstrate the use of an algorithm to compute a two-dimensionsal global invaraint manifold as a sequence of approximate geodesic level stes. The resulting information of the parametrization by geodesic distance can be used to visualize and even crochet the manifold. This is illustrated with the example of the stable manifold of the origin in the Lorenz system, which is also shown on the Equadiff 2003 poster.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusUnpublished - 2003

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Additional information: Later published in EQUADIFF: Proceedings of the International Conference on Differential Equations, by World Scientific Publishing (2005), pp. 429-433, ISBN 9812561692

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