Greenland Monthly Mass Trends Determined Using a Bayesian Hierarchical Modelling Approach

Stephen Chuter, Jonathan Rougier, Zhe Sha, Andrew Zammit Mangion, Jonathan Bamber

Research output: Contribution to conferenceConference Poster



GlobalMass: Global ice and ocean mass trends

Bates, P. D., Bingham, R. J., Chuter, S. J., Hofer, S., Llovell, W., Martin Espanol, A., Rougier, J. C., Schumacher, M., Sha, Z., Westaway, R. M., Royston, S. J., Vishwakarma, B. D., Bamber, J. L., Brady, A., Ziegler, Y. & Abele, A. K.


Project: Research