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ILRT Content Migrator This egg and the companion Product it contains was written to migrate content from pre-Archetypes plone 2.0 sites (or later) to current plone. The ilrt.contentmigrator egg extends the generic setup content import system to handle binary files and custom content. Hence a fully populated site can be generated from file system content held in a profiles structure folder. The egg follows the paradigm of the existing generic setup, but adds workflow state to the properties metadata. It also adds ..ini files for each binary content item so that these can have all their associated metadata imported and exported. It contains a companion old-style plone product. This can be dropped into the Products folder in an old plone site. The site gains a portal_exportcontent tool. Running the export from this tool exports the content to a structure folder in the var directory ready for using to populate a current plone site, and hence migrate the content.
Translated title of the contributionilrt.contentmigrator
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 10 Feb 2010

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Medium: open source
Other identifier: python egg
Other: Migrate old plone content to current plone


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