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This package installs a Site Migration Tool in the root of a plone site. It provides a controlled upgrade (and downgrade) system for production plone sites. It is designed for a scenario where you have developed a theme egg for the site and you now wish to roll out new development phases to the production site in an automated manner, e.g. without significant use of the ZMI. The tool is based on the CMFPlone.MigrationTool but with downgrade functionality added. This is because most site upgrades involve more minor changes than a plone upgrade, ie. adding some products, configuring them, changing zope security, etc. If we are going to automate these changes then we also want to automate undoing them. That way we can quickly revert a roll out if it goes wrong. Once it is installed you will have a new tool at /site_migration via the ZMI in your plone site. As a generic site migration tool it provides the framework and a number of migration related utility functions, plus one 'sub-tool' (so far) for migrating content's workflow states, the workflow migration tool, which can be used in isolation. The main utility function allows migrations to use generic setup so that each migration is likely to have a related profile in the theme egg, where the changes from the last migration (or the initial default profile) are stored. Just as with the portal_migration tool the site_migration tool looks up the version via the version.txt on the file system as compared to the version in the ZODB. Based on that it flags up whether a migration is needed.
Translated title of the contributionilrt.migrationtool
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 8 May 2009

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Medium: open source
Other identifier: python egg
Other: A site migration tool for Plone that uses the site's theme egg version releases


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