Increasing dietary calcium intake of children and their parents: a randomised controlled trial

Jessica E Bourne, Kathleen Martin Ginis, Andrea Buchholz, Skyler Schmidtke, Mary Jung

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Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)3075-3086
Number of pages12
JournalPublic Health Nutrition
Issue number10
Early online date16 Mar 2021
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2021

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Acknowledgements: None. Financial support: Support by a grant from the Canadian Agri-Science Clusters Initiative, Dairy Research Cluster (Dairy Farmers of Canada, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Canadian Dairy Commission). The Canadian Agri-Science Clusters Initiative had no role in the design, analysis or writing of this article. Conflict of interest: There are no conflicts of interest. Authorship: J.E.B. and M.E.J. were responsible for project conception. J.E.B. and M.E.J. designed the research, developed the overall research plan, conducted the research, analysed the data, determined the content for manuscript and collaborated on the writing. K.M.G. and A.B. contributed to the overall research plan and assisting with manuscript writing. S.S. contributed to the writing of the manuscript. All authors read and approved the final manuscript. Ethics of human subject participation: This study was conducted according to the guidelines laid down in the Declaration of Helsinki, and all procedures involving human subjects were approved by the University of British Columbia Behavioural Ethics Committee (H14-02762). Written informed consent was obtained from all subjects.

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  • SPS Exercise, Nutrition and Health Sciences

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