Internal resistive heating of non-metallic samples to 3000 K and >60 GPa in the diamond anvil cell

Benedict J. Heinen, James W. E. Drewitt, Michael J. Walter, Charles Clapham, Fei Qin, Annette K. Kleppe, Oliver T. Lord

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Original languageEnglish
Article number063904
JournalReview of Scientific Instruments
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jun 2021

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Funding Information:
This work was funded by the NERC under Grant No. NE/P002951/1. The authors acknowledge the additional support from NERC Grant No. NE/M000419/1. The authors also acknowledge Diamond Light Source for time on I15 under Proposal No. CY21972. O.T.L. would like to acknowledge the support from the Royal Society in the form of a University Research Fellowship (No. UF150057). B.J.H. would like to acknowledge the support in the form of a studentship awarded as part of Royal Society Grant No. RG160631 awarded to O.T.L. We would also like to thank D. Hawley, G. Mwale, and L. Breeze for their technical assistance during the development stage and C. Gregson for assistance during synchrotron beamtime at DLS.

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© 2021 Author(s).

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