InterPro, progress and status in 2005

N. J. Mulder, L. Cerutti, R. Copley, E. Courcelle, U. Das, R. Durbin, W. Fleischmann, J. Gough, D. Haft, N. Harte, N. Hulo, R. Apweiler, D. Kahn, A. Kanapin, M. Krestyaninova, D. Lonsdale, R. Lopez, I. Letunic, M. Madera, J. MaslenJ. McDowall, A. Mitchell, T. K. Attwood, A. N. Nikolskaya, S. Orchard, M. Pagni, C. P. Ponting, E. Quevillon, J. Selengut, C. J. Sigrist, V. Silventoinen, D. J. Studholme, R. Vaughan, A. Bairoch, C. H. Wu, A. Bateman, D. Binns, P. Bradley, P. Bork, P. Bucher

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InterPro, an integrated documentation resource of protein families, domains and functional sites, was created to integrate the major protein signature databases. Currently, it includes PROSITE, Pfam, PRINTS, ProDom, SMART, TIGRFAMs, PIRSF and SUPERFAMILY. Signatures are manually integrated into InterPro entries that are curated to provide biological and functional information. Annotation is provided in an abstract, Gene Ontology mapping and links to specialized databases. New features of InterPro include extended protein match views, taxonomic range information and protein 3D structure data. One of the new match views is the InterPro Domain Architecture view, which shows the domain composition of protein matches. Two new entry types were introduced to better describe InterPro entries: these are active site and binding site. PIRSF and the structure-based SUPERFAMILY are the latest member databases to join InterPro, and CATH and PANTHER are soon to be integrated. InterPro release 8.0 contains 11 007 entries, representing 2573 domains, 8166 families, 201 repeats, 26 active sites, 21 binding sites and 20 post-translational modification sites. InterPro covers over 78% of all proteins in the Swiss-Prot and TrEMBL components of UniProt. The database is available for text- and sequence-based searches via a webserver (, and for download by anonymous FTP (
Translated title of the contributionInterPro, progress and status in 2005
Original languageEnglish
Article number-201
JournalNucleic Acids Research
Publication statusPublished - 2005

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