Invariable generation and wreath products

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Invariable generation is a topic that, until relatively recently, has predominantly been studied for finite groups. In 2014, Kantor, Lubotzky, and Shalev produced extensive tools for investigating invariable generation for infinite groups. Since their paper, various authors have investigated the property for particular infinite groups or families of infinite groups.

A group is invariably generated by a subset S if replacing each element of S with any of its conjugates still results in a generating set for G. In this paper we investigate how this property behaves with respect to wreath products. Our main work is to deal with the case where the base of $G\wr_XH$ is not invariably generated. We see both positive and negative results here depending on H and its action on X.
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  • Invariable generation
  • Infinite groups
  • Wreath products


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