(Invited) intrinsic reliability assessment of 650V rated AlGaN/GaN based power devices: an industry perspective

Peter Moens, Abhishek Banerjee, Aurore Constant, Peter Coppens, Marcus Caesar, Zilan Li, Steven Vanderweghe, Frederick Declercq, Balaji Padmanabhan, Woochul Jeon, Jia Guo, Ali Salih, M. Tack, M. Meneghini, Stefano Dalcanale, A Tajilli, G. Meneghesso, E. Zanoni, Michael Uren, Indranil ChatterjeeSerge Karboyan, Martin Kuball

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Although astounding performance is already proven by many research papers, the widespread adoption of GaN power devices in the market is still hampered by (1) yield and reproducibility ; (2) cost ; (3) reliability. All three factors are to be considered, but to convince customers to adopt GaN power devices, proven device and product reliability is a must. Cost is kept acceptably low by growing the GaN epi stack on 6 inch and 8inch Si substrates, and by processing the GaN power device technology in standard CMOS production lines. This paper will focus on the most important intrinsic reliability mechanisms for GaN power devices. It will cover gate dielectric reliability, Ohmic contact reliability, accelerated drain stress testing (high temperature reverse bias--HTRB) and high voltage device wear-out testing (high voltage off-state stress--HVOS). Acceleration models are discussed A measurement strategy to extract valuable information about the physical properties of the buffer layers (e.g. activation energies of the traps, conduction mechanisms, …) based on simple transmission line structures, is outlined.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication229th ECS Meeting May 29, 2016 - June 2, 2016 San Diego, CA
Subtitle of host publicationSilicon Compatible Materials, Processes, and Technologies for Advanced Integrated Circuits and Emerging Applications 6
EditorsF Roozeboom, V Narayanan, K Kakushima, P J Timans, E P Gusev, Z Karim, S De Gendt
PublisherThe Electrochemical Society, Inc
Number of pages12
Publication statusPublished - 19 May 2016

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NameECS Transactions
PublisherElectrochemical Society
ISSN (Print)1938-5862
ISSN (Electronic)1938-6737

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