Irreducible almost simple subgroups of classical algebraic groups

Tim C Burness, Soumaia Ghandour, Claude Marion, Donna M Testerman

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Let G be a simple classical algebraic group over an algebraically closed field K of characteristic p ≥ 0 with natural module W. Let H be a closed subgroup of G and let V be a nontrivial irreducible tensor indecomposable -restricted rational KG-module such that the restriction of V to H is irreducible. In this paper we classify the triples (G,H,V ) of this form, where H is a closed disconnected almost simple positive-dimensional subgroup of G acting irreducibly on W. Moreover, by combining this result with earlier work, we complete the classifcation of the irreducible triples (G,H,V ) where G is a simple algebraic group over K, and H is a maximal closed subgroup of positive dimension.
Original languageEnglish
Article number1114
Number of pages122
JournalMemoirs of the American Mathematical Society
Early online date31 Dec 2014
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2015


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