Just how engaging is High Dynamic Range Video?

Steve Hinde

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High-Dynamic Range video introduces a wider range of colors than Standard-Dynamic Range version, with the potential to create vivid, high depth, reality like experiences for audiences. But how engaging is High-Dynamic Range for audiences?

A home viewing lab was used to conduct the experiments, to simulate typical viewing conditions for home viewing, with sofas, and carpets. A UHD and HDR capable display, the Sony ZD9 was used to view video within the home viewing lab. 24 undergraduate participants viewed the video, in either HDR or SDR format. Audience engagement was measured using secondary reaction-times, from a dual-task measure, using audio tones, from cognitive psychology.

Previous studies have speculated on the relative importance of the qualities of surface qualities of videos over performance. Loschky, Larson, Magliano, and Smith, (2015) showed that the film surface had a tyranny in audience attention, over different mental models. Hinde, Smith and Gilchrist, (2017) showed that when audiences are engaged in a film the fail to notice irrelevant surface elements. These studies suggest that both surface elements and performance work together to create audience engagement. However can the format of the film accentuate the engagement?

The dual-task results for the HDR dynamic range condition, showed slower reaction-times (roughly 20%), indicative of a significant increase in engagement in the variance across the two conditions, showing that there was also a common performance element. This is interesting as it shows that both performance and format lead to engagement and we can separate these two factors in real viewing conditions.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationSociety for the Cognitive Study of Moving Image
Place of PublicationMontana
Publication statusPublished - 14 Jun 2018

Structured keywords

  • Cognitive Science
  • Visual Perception

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