Large Synoptic Survey Telescope Galaxies Science Roadmap

Brant E. Robertson, Manda Banerji, Michael C. Cooper, Roger Davies, Simon P. Driver, Annette M. N. Ferguson, Henry C. Ferguson, Eric Gawiser, Sugata Kaviraj, Johan H. Knapen, Chris Lintott, Jennifer Lotz, Jeffrey A. Newman, Dara J. Norman, Nelson Padilla, Samuel J. Schmidt, Graham P. Smith, J. Anthony Tyson, Aprajita Verma, Idit ZehaviLee Armus, Camille Avestruz, L. Felipe Barrientos, Rebecca A. A. Bowler, Malcom N. Bremer, Christopher J. Conselice, Jonathan Davies, Ricardo Demarco, Mark E. Dickinson, Gaspar Galaz, Andrea Grazian, Benne W. Holwerda, Matt J. Jarvis, Vishal Kasliwal, Ivan Lacerna, Jon Loveday, Phil Marshall, Emiliano Merlin, Nicola R. Napolitano, Thomas H. Puzia, Aaron Robotham, Samir Salim, Mauro Sereno, Gregory F. Snyder, John P. Stott, Patricia B. Tissera, Norbert Werner, Peter Yoachim, Kirk D. Borne, Members of the LSST Galaxies Science Collaboration

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The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) will enable revolutionary studies of galaxies, dark matter, and black holes over cosmic time. The LSST Galaxies Science Collaboration has identified a host of preparatory research tasks required to leverage fully the LSST dataset for extragalactic science beyond the study of dark energy. This Galaxies Science Roadmap provides a brief introduction to critical extragalactic science to be conducted ahead of LSST operations, and a detailed list of preparatory science tasks including the motivation, activities, and deliverables associated with each. The Galaxies Science Roadmap will serve as a guiding document for researchers interested in conducting extragalactic science in anticipation of the forthcoming LSST era.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages57
Publication statusPublished - 4 Aug 2017

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