Learners, learning and new technologies

AE McFarlane

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In 1997 the UK Government introduced a major five-year programme to support and evaluate the successful use of new technologies in life-long learning. Known as the National Grid for Learning (NGfL) Strategy, this ambitious vision addresses ICT infrastructure, content and practice. Recent OECD studies suggest that the main issues addressed through the NGfL are common to those being tackled throughout the developed world (OECD 2002). This paper will look at the implications of these strategies for curriculum improvement and reform. A theorisation of the possible relationships between different features of ICT and learning will be offered. Finally the contrast between home and school based use of technologies, and the implications for learning will be considered.
Translated title of the contributionLearners, learning and new technologies
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)219 - 227
Number of pages9
JournalEducational Media International
Volume40 (3 & 4)
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2003

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