Learning Journeys and Infrastructure Services: a game changer for effectiveness, ICIF White Paper, University College London

Ruth Crick

Research output: Book/ReportEdited book


rganisations need to be able to learn and thus benefit from their experience. They need the capability to respond profitably to information about processes, people and the environment in order to improve performance in the digital world: in other words to develop their corporate learning power. Infrastructure services businesses have a great deal to gain from such learning because they work in partnership with many other organisations but in highly competitive industries. They design for end use but are often detached from their users. Unlocking the learning power of individuals, teams and leaders to adapt and change will increase the pace of business transformation and generate greater value for all stakeholders. It will transform tacit knowledge that is locked within individuals into corporate intelligence. The cost of not doing this is quantifiable through sub-optimal performance and business failure or conversely through the benefits of success. Knowledge is increasingly about ‘flows’ and ‘networks’ rather than ‘stocks’ so how individuals and teams use their learning power ‘on the job’ to generate actionable insights from data that inform decision-making is a rucial new capability for the future. Data is increasingly complex, rapidly available and ubiquitous and requires continuous and collaborative interpretation and response aligned to business purpose. The premium is on the ability to interpret and use it rather than to simply collect it. This represents a significant mind-set shift from seeing knowledge as static to understanding data as the ‘raw material’ through which knowledge is generated and re-generated in the service of business strategy. The learning journey is a metaphor which incorporates four measurable processes: forming identity and purpose (ii) generating learning power (iii) knowledge structuring and (iv) producing value. Learning power is the way in which we regulate the flow of information and energy over time and this can be developed at any age. Each of these forward looking processes has implications for operational practices as well as for the ways in which digital resources are designed and deployed. Learning infrastructures can be co-designed and integrated with business strategy to (i) increase corporate agility, responsiveness and innovation, (ii) to model and explore customer and stakeholder behaviour and thus improve service and (iii) to develop digital platforms which support self-directed learning and behaviour change at scale.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherUCL Press, London
Number of pages8
Publication statusPublished - 1 Feb 2017

Publication series

NameInternational Centre for Infrastructure Futures
PublisherWhite Paper Collection


  • learning journeys
  • customer journeys
  • agiity
  • engagement
  • value management
  • learning power


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