LHCb VELO Timepix3 telescope

Kazu Akiba, Martin van Beuzekom, henk Boterenbrood, Emma Buchanan, Jan Buytaert, W Byczynski, X Cid Vidal, Paula Collins, E Dall'Occo, A Dosil Suarez, R Dumps, T Evans, V Franco Lima, A Gallas Torreira, J Garcia Pardinas, B van der Heijden, C Hombach, M John, S Kulis, X Llopart CudieF. Marinho, Eugenia Price, Sophie Richards, P Rodriguez Perez, Daniel Saunders, A Schiager Folkestad, H Schindler, F Schreuder, H Snoek, P Tsopelas, Jaap Velthuis, M Vieites Diaz, M Williams

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The LHCb VELO Timepix3 telescope is a silicon pixel tracking system constructed initially to evaluate the performance of LHCb VELO Upgrade prototypes. The telescope consists of eight hybrid pixel silicon sensor planes equipped with the Timepix3 ASIC . The planes provide excellent charge measurement, timestamping and spatial resolution and the system can function at high track rates. This paper describes the construction of the telescope and its data acquisition system and offline reconstruction software. A timing resolution of 350 ps was obtained for reconstructed tracks. A pointing resolution of better than 2\mum was determined for the 180 GeV/c mixed hadron beam at the CERN SPS . The telescope has been shown to operate at a rate of 5 million particles s-1ċ cm-2 without a loss in efficiency.

Original languageEnglish
Article numberP05026
Number of pages14
JournalJournal of Instrumentation
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 29 May 2019


  • Particle tracking detectors (Solid-state detectors); Front-end electronics for detector readout; Performance of High Energy Physics Detectors; Solid state detectors


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