LyceanEM: GigaScale Electromagnetics for Beamforming and System Planning

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Space-based solar power (SBSP) generation is proposed as an attractive zero emission solution to provide scalable, dependable energy. Space-based solar satellites outfitted with photovoltaic cells can use microwave antenna arrays to transfer the generated power to ground based receiving stations. However, the scale of energy transfer involved requires a careful assessment of the composition of the power transfer beam, and the effects of the selected beamforming architecture on generated power at the receiving station. This in addition to the potential for interference, and concerns about the required microwave power densities on the local environment and population.

In order to support the developmment of Space-based solar power, the modelling architecture required to predict these factors is a key enabling technology, not only for the design and validation, but also to establish the safety case for operation.

LyceanEM is being developed in order to address these requirements, offering a scalable computational model which supports gigascale antenna array design and modelling under the SCOPES project.

In order to provide reliable power transfer beams, a number of different beamforming schemes have been proposed for space based solar power, from retro-directive beamforming, to synthesized Flat Top beam patterns. In the ideal case, the power transfer beam would illuminate the receiving rectenna array with a uniform power density across the entire surface of the array, rapidly dropping to zero outside the array boundary. The progress towards support for antenna arrays with over 10 billion elements will be presented, together with the power transfer efficiency and interference implications of proposed beamforming schemes.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 19 Apr 2024
EventInternational Conference on Energy from Space - Royal Aeronautical Society, London, United Kingdom
Duration: 17 Apr 202419 Apr 2024


ConferenceInternational Conference on Energy from Space
Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
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