MIMO channel capacity in co-channel interference

MW Webb, MA Beach, AR Nix

Research output: Working paper

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In this paper we investigate the performance of MIMO systems in co-channel interference. We present a way of explicitly examining the effect of interference on the MIMO sub-channel gains. Using this, we derive upper and lower asymptotic bounds on capacity with many interferers and in high interference-to-noise ratio. Simulation results are presented for these bounds and for the performance of MIMO systems in a variety of situations as a function of the number of cochannel interferers and as a function of interference-to-noise ratio. Unusually, it is seen that, with a slight modification of the MIMO channel matrix to incorporate interference, higher correlation in the channel yields higher capacity. We also simulate the effect of a priori knowledge of the channel and interference covariance at the transmitter and evaluate the capacity gain that such knowledge offers
Original languageEnglish
Pages13 p
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2003

Bibliographical note

Additional information: A paper presented to the 8th Management Committee Meeting of COST 273 : Towards Mobile Broadband Multimedia Networks, held in Prague, Czech Republic, September 24-26, 2003

Contributor: European Cooperation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research (EURO-COST)


  • interference-to-noise ratio
  • number of interferers
  • MIMO
  • co-channel interference
  • capacity


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