Monitoring results after 36 ktonnes of deep CO2 injection at the Aquistore CO2 storage site, Saskatchewan, Canada

Don White, Kyle Harris, Lisa Roach, Brian Roberts, Kyle Worth, Anna Stork, Christopher Nixon, Douglas Schmitt, Tom Daley, Claire Samson

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The Aquistore CO2 Storage Site is located in southeastern Saskatchewan, Canada. CO2 is injected into a brine-filled sandstone formation at ∼3200 m depth immediately above the Precambrian basement. Sustained injection rates of 400-600 tonnes/day were achieved at the site starting in the fall of 2015 with a total of 88 ktonnes having been injected by the end of September, 2016. Seismic monitoring methods have been employed to track the subsurface CO2 plume and to record any injection-induced seismicity. Passive seismic monitoring is being conducted using two orthogonal arrays of short-period geophones, 3 broadband seismographs, and an array of downhole geophones. No significant injection-related seismicity (Mw > -1) has been detected during the first 17 months of CO2 injection. The first post-injection time-lapse 3D seismic surveys (surface and VSP) were conducted at the site in February, 2016. The VSP data were acquired with a distributed acoustic sensing system using a 2750 m casing-conveyed optical fibre cable in the observation well. 3D seismic modelling of fluid flow simulations in conjunction with seismic repeatability estimates obtained from field data indicate that the time-lapse VSP should be capable of imaging the CO2 plume after a total injection of ∼30 ktonnes. In addition, this first monitor survey tests the ability of surface seismic data acquired with a sparse permanent array to detect or image the CO2 plume after limited injection. Time-lapse logging is being conducted on a regular basis to provide in situ measurement of the change in seismic velocity associated with changes in CO2 saturation.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication13th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies, GHGT-13, 14-18 November 2016, Lausanne, Switzerland
Number of pages6
Publication statusPublished - 18 Aug 2017

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NameEnergy Procedia
ISSN (Print)1876-6102


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  • monitoring
  • seismic
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