Monitoring volcanic ash from space, ESA-EUMETSAT workshop on the 14th April to 23rd May eruption of Eyjafjöll volcano, South Iceland

G.M Doherty, J.L Brenguier, D. Brunner, M.F Buongiorno, E Carboni, C Clerbaux, S Corradini, G De Leeuw, H Elbern, R Engelen, P Fritzsche, G.P Gobbi, K Holmlund, M Hopfner, P Husson, R Kahn, J.P Malingreau, H Mannstein, R Munro, N Papineau N Pergola, A.J Prata, J Remedios, A Richter, M Rix, W Rose, D Schneider, P Seibert, P Stammes, N Theys, I M Watson, T Werner, C Zehner

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter in a book

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationThis is the recommendations section of the key document from ESA/EUMETSAT, used to drive policy in the UK and Europe after the Icelandic ash crisis
EditorsKluas Zehner
Number of pages7
Publication statusPublished - 2010

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