Mycoplasma genitalium is associated with symptomatic urethritis

A Leung, K Eastick, L E Haddon, C K Horn, D Ahuja, P J Horner

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In order to further investigate the epidemiology of Mycoplasma genitalium, 680 men attending departments of genitourinary medicine in Bristol, Bath and Truro were studied. M. genitalium was detected in 36 men (5.3%) and was present at all three clinics. Clinically, both urethritis and the presence of a urethral discharge and/or dysuria, but not penile irritation were independently associated with the detection of M. genitalium, the former being with the strongest association (odds ratio [OR] 10.76, 95% confidence interval [CI] [3.10-37.29], P <0.0001; OR 3.01, 95% CI [1.28-7.05], P = 0.011 and OR 1.28, 95% CI [0.61-2.69], P = 0.51, respectively). In men with urethritis, those with a discharge and/or dysuria were more likely to have M. genitalium detected (OR 2.61, 95% CI [1.09-6.25], P = 0.032). We found no association with younger age or a recent change of sexual partner. In conclusion, M. genitalium is associated with symptomatic urethritis.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)285-8
Number of pages4
JournalInternational Journal of STD and AIDS
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - May 2006


  • Adult
  • Chlamydia trachomatis
  • Great Britain
  • Humans
  • Life Style
  • Male
  • Multivariate Analysis
  • Mycoplasma Infections
  • Mycoplasma genitalium
  • Neisseria gonorrhoeae
  • Prevalence
  • Risk Factors
  • Sexual Behavior
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Bacterial
  • Urethritis


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