On Bell inequality violations with high-dimensional systems

Adetunmise C. Dada, Erika Andersson

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Quantum correlations resulting in violations of Bell inequalities have generated a lot of interest in quantum information science and fundamental physics. In this paper, we address some questions that become relevant in Bell-type tests involving systems with local dimension greater than 2. For CHSH-Bell tests within 2-dimensional subspaces of such high-dimensional systems, it has been suggested that experimental violation of Tsirelson's bound indicates that more than 2-dimensional entanglement was present. We explain that the overstepping of Tsirelson's bound is due to violation of fair sampling, and can in general be reproduced by a separable state, if fair sampling is violated. For a class of Bell-type inequalities generalized to d-dimensional systems, we then consider what level of violation is required to guarantee d-dimensional entanglement of the tested state, when fair sampling is satisfied. We find that this can be used as an experimentally feasible test of d-dimensional entanglement for up to quite high values of d.
Original languageUndefined/Unknown
JournalInternal Journal of Quantum Information
Publication statusPublished - 3 Aug 2011


  • quant-ph

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