Optimized Network-coded Scalable Video Multicasting over eMBMS Networks

Andrea Tassi, Ioannis Chatzigeorgiou, Dejan Vukobratović, Andrew L. Jones

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Delivery of multicast video services over fourth generation (4G) networks such as 3GPP Long Term Evolution-Advanced (LTE-A) is gaining momentum. In this paper, we address the issue of efficiently multicasting layered video services by defining a novel resource allocation framework that aims to maximize the service coverage whilst keeping the radio resource footprint low. A key point in the proposed system mode is that the reliability of multicast video services is ensured by means of an Unequal Error Protection implementation of the Network Coding (UEP-NC) scheme. In addition, both the communication parameters and the UEP-NC scheme are jointly optimized by the proposed resource allocation framework. Numerical results show that the proposed allocation framework can significantly increase the service coverage when compared to a conventional Multi-rate Transmission (MrT) strategy.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationIEEE ICC 2015 - Mobile and Wireless Networking Symposium
Publication statusPublished - 14 Jan 2015

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Proc. of IEEE ICC 2015 - Mobile and Wireless Networking Symposium


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