Oxygen Reduction at Carbon Supported Lanthanides: The Role of the B-site

Veronica Celorrio, Ellie Dann, Laura Calvillo, DJ Morgan, Simon R Hall, David J Fermin

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The kinetics of the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) at carbon supported transition metal oxides in alkaline solutions is systematically investigated as a function of the nature of the B-site. The study is focused on LaBO3 (B = Cr, Co, Fe, Mn and Ni) nanoparticles synthesized by an ionic liquid route, offering fine control over phase purity and composition. Activity towards the ORR was compared with commercial Pt/Etek catalyst. Detailed electrochemical analysis employing a rotating ring-disc electrode provides conclusive evidences that the carbon support plays an important contribution in the faradaic responses. Decoupling the contribution of the carbon support uncovers that the reactivity of LaMnO3 towards the 4e- ORR pathway is orders of magnitude higher than for the other lanthanides. We rationalise these observations in terms of changes in the redox state at the B-site close to the formal oxygen reduction potential.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)283-291
Number of pages9
Issue number2
Early online date2 Dec 2015
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2016


  • carbon support
  • electrocatalysis
  • LaMnO3
  • oxygen reduction reaction
  • perovskite nanoparticles


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