Peacekeepers, Masculinities and Sexual Exploitation

PR Higate

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My aim in this article is to analyze a set of gendered power relations played out in two postconflict settings. Based on interviews with peacekeepers and others, I argue that sexual exploitation of local women by male peacekeepers continues to be documented. I then turn to scholarly considerations of peacekeeper sexual exploitation, some of which accord excessive explanatory power to a crude form of military masculinity. This is underlined by similarly exploitative activities perpetrated by humanitarian workers and so-called "sex tourists." In conclusion, I argue that a form of exploitative social masculinities shaped by socioeconomic structure, impunity, and privilege offers a more appropriate way to capture the activities of some male peacekeepers during peacekeeping missions. Finally, in underlining the conflation of military masculinities with exploitation, I pose the question of how to explain those military men who do not exploit local women while deployed on missions.
Translated title of the contributionPeacekeepers, Masculinities and Sexual Exploitation
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)99 - 119
Number of pages21
JournalMen and Masculinities
Volume10 (1)
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2007

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