Photon orbital angular momentum in a plasma vortex

J. T. Mendonça, Bo Thidé, J.~E.~S. Bergman, S.~M. Mohammadi, B. Eliasson, W.~A. Baan, H. Then

Research output: Working paper


We study theoretically the exchange of angular momentum between a photon beam and a plasma vortex, and demonstrate the possible excitation of photon angular momentum states in a plasma. This can be relevant to laboratory and space plasma diagnostics; radio astronomy self-calibration; and generating photon angular momentum beams. A static plasma perturbation with helical structure, and a rotating plasma vortex are studied in detail and a comparison between these two cases, and their relevance to the physical nature of photon OAM, is established.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 20 Apr 2008


  • Physics - Plasma Physics
  • Physics - Space Physics


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