Place-based leadership: Reflections on scale, agency and theory

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In their article ‘Mobilising leadership in Cities and Regions’, Andrew Beer and Terry Clower lay down the gauntlet for Regional Studies, Regional Science scholars to engage with a fledgling sub-discipline - that of place-based leadership. In doing so, they make a number of claims. First, that current thinking in the field lacks analytical rigour and systematic inquiry. Second, that effective leadership is more important to the success of ‘place’ than ever before. Third, that there is a relationship between place-based leadership and economic development. Forth, governments have an important role in creating the right conditions under which leadership can emerge. On these summary points I wholeheartedly agree. However, in responding to their challenge for more focussed inquiry on place-based leadership I offer some reflections on the details of their analysis. In particular, I would like to explore further notions of scale, agency and theory.
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