Promiscuous Interactions between AMPA-Rs and MAGUKs

SM Fitzjohn, AJ Doherty, GL Collingridge

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What controls the number of AMPA receptors at excitatory synapses? MAGUKs are known to play a critical role in this process, but which ones are involved and when has been contentious. In this issue of Neuron, Elias et al. have elucidated the roles of three MAGUKs, PSD-95, PSD-93, and SAP-102, in the targeting of AMPA receptors to synapses in hippocampal neurons.
Translated title of the contributionPromiscuous Interactions between AMPA-Rs and MAGUKs
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)222 - 224
Number of pages3
Volume52 (2)
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2006

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Publisher: Cell Press


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