Properties of New Magnetic Surfactants

Paul Brown, Alexey Bushmelev, Craig P Butts, Jean-Charles Eloi, Isabelle Grillo, Peter J. Baker, Annette M. Schmidt, Julian Eastoe

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This Article describes the synthesis and detailed characterization of a new set of magnetic surfactants containing lanthanide metal counterions. SQUID magnetometry has been used to elucidate the magnetic phase behavior, and small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) provides evidence of micellar aggregation in aqueous media. This study also reveals that for cationic surfactants in aqueous systems there appears to be no significant increase in magnetic susceptibility after micellization.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)3246-3251
Number of pages6
Issue number10
Early online date15 Feb 2013
Publication statusPublished - 12 Mar 2013


  • water
  • mixtures
  • responsive surfactants
  • susceptibility
  • iconic liquids
  • micelles
  • phase
  • behavior


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