Quantum correlations require multipartite information principles

Rodrigo Gallego, Lars Erik Würflinger, Antonio Acín, Miguel Navascués

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Identifying which correlations among distant observers are possible within our current description of Nature, based on quantum mechanics, is a fundamental problem in Physics. Recently, information concepts have been proposed as the key ingredient to characterize the set of quantum correlations. Novel information principles, such as, information causality or non-trivial communication complexity, have been introduced in this context and successfully applied to some concrete scenarios. We show in this work a fundamental limitation of this approach: no principle based on bipartite information concepts is able to single out the set of quantum correlations for an arbitrary number of parties. Our results reflect the intricate structure of quantum correlations and imply that new and intrinsically multipartite information concepts are needed for their full understanding.
Original languageUndefined/Unknown
JournalPhysical Review Letters
Publication statusPublished - 19 Jul 2011

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