Remembrance Day for Lost Species: Special Issue for The Clearing magazine

Michael Malay (Editor)

Research output: Other contribution


‘Poetry can repair no loss,’ John Berger writes, ‘but it defies the space which separates.’ This special issue of The Clearing brings together seven writers to mark the Remembrance Day of Lost Species. Although they respond to the grief and disorientation of our times, these pieces are not eulogies. Rather, they are songs of hope and memory, commitment and renewal. They mark the immensity of current and past losses, but defiantly — by bridging the ‘space which separates.’

1. ‘Tallgrass, by Robin Kimmerer’

2. ‘Vultures on the Brink, by Anita Roy’

3. ‘Words of Life, by Nicholas Evans’

4. ‘On Extinction, by Tim Ingold’

5. ‘The Broken Frame, by Pippa Marland’

6. ‘A Dark Dim Smudge, by Melanie Challenger’

7. ‘The New Wild, by Anna Tsing’

Original languageEnglish
TypeRemembrance Day of Lost Species: Special Issue
Media of outputOnline Journal
PublisherThe Clearing magazine
Publication statusPublished - 11 Dec 2018


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