Spirit of the Cane: The Story of Cuban Rum

Anistatia R Miller, Jared Brown

Research output: Book/ReportAuthored book


A non-academic work written for a general commercial readership, this book expands and revises the authors previous work on the history of Cuban rum that as published nine years earlier. After scouring libraries, archives, and databases gleaning as much of the truth about the origins of Cuban rum, their findings include some rather eye-opening discoveries about the contributions made by Spanish, French, British, and Dutch sources that positioned this seductive distillate ahead of other Caribbean spirits
by seeking and adapting new technologies and techniques to its production
which is appreciated around the globe. The book also unearths new evidence as to the origins of classic Cuban mixed drinks including the Mojito, DaiquirI,
El Presidente, Cuba Libre, and Pina Colada. This revised and expanded
discussion offers a fresh approach to the study of both Cuban rum's
remarkable history and the people who created a genre of mixed drinks
that have achieved universal appeal.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationUnited Kingdom
PublisherMixellany Limited
Number of pages208
ISBN (Print)978-1907434495
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jul 2017


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